Houston High School Golf

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18.  Sectional Golf Tournament                                                                  Team Score = 325                  District

                                                                                                                    New School Record!!!             Qualifiers!

  The Varsity Team made history on Tuesday with a school record 18-hole score of 325.  Our second-place finish advances the team to the District Tournament for the first time in school history.  Ethan Lukey cruised to a 78, Ethan Funk fired a season best 81 after a few tough breaks early in his round.  Tanner Voisard also fired a 81 (his personal best), which is the lowest Sectional Tournament score for a freshman in Houston history! Parker Herrick rounded out our top 4 scores with one of the most impressive rounds of the year, including an incredible 3 birdies (tied the most birdies of any golfer in the tournament).

Teams we beat:  Fort Loramie (328), Russia (332), Anna (336), Fairlawn (348), Jackson Center (357), Riverside (365), Lehman (379), Mechanicsburg (390), Triad (407), Troy Christian (449). 

17. Match vs. St. Henry                                                                                   Team Score = 168   Season Record = 11 - 5

  The Varsity Team wrapped up their regular season in style with a big 19 stroke win over St. Henry (our first win over St. Henry in over a decade). The four lowest scores in the entire match came from Houston golfers.  Ethan Lukey fired the second lowest 9-hole score in school history (36), Tanner Voisard was second with a 43, Parker Herrick added a 44, and Ethan Funk had a 45.  

16. Match vs. Fort Recovery                                                         Team Score = 172   Season Record = 10 - 5

  The Varsity Golf Team reached the 10 win mark on Tuesday in a difficult away-match in the rain, defeating Fort Recovery 172 to 180.   Parker Herrick was medalist for the match with the third lowest score of his career (38), and Tanner Cooper shot his second lowest round of the season (45).  Parker's round of 38 is more impressive when you consider the rain & wind made the course play about 3 shots more difficult last night (meaning his 38 is about equivalent to a 35 on a night of normal weather).  

15.  SCAL Finals                                                                     Teams We Beat =  Jackson Center, Russia, Fairlawn

    The Varsity Golf Team capped-off a record breaking season with a 4th place finish in the SCAL Finals.  This 4th place finish ties for our best finishing placement in the SCAL in school history (according the records available since 1993).  

    Our team score of 350 is a 28 stroke improvement from last year (7 strokes per golfer), and marks a 61 stroke improvement from five years ago (15.25 strokes per golfer).  

    Ethan Lukey finished his record-breaking sophomore year as the 5th lowest stroke average in the entire SCAL (First Team All-SCAL).  Ethan was the only underclassman to earn First Team All-SCAL, and unofficially won the Sophomore Player of the Year for 2021 (lowest stroke average of any sophomore in Shelby County). 

   Tanner Voisard finished the season with the second lowest freshman scoring average in the entire SCAL, and will certain complete for the lowest average again in the coming years. 

    Ethan Funk, Tanner Voisard and Parker Herrick all narrowly missed All-County Honors by fewer than 12 strokes.  Tanner and Parker will be strong contenders for SCAL Honors in 2022.  

14.  Non-League Match vs. Fairlawn                                           Match-play Score 1-5     Season Record  9 - 5

  The Varsity Golf Team fell to Fairlawn 1-5 in a 6 on 6 event at Shelby Oaks on Tuesday.  The team will work harder this week to prepare for the SCAL finals on Thursday.  I think they will be prepared!

13. Match vs. Sidney                                                                       Team Score = 162      Season Record = 9 - 4

   The Varsity Golf Team fired the second lowest team score in school history in a 9-hole match against Sidney on Thursday.  Our 162 was good enough for a 22 stroke victory over a Sidney team that currently has a winning record.  

   Parker Herrick led the team with a 38 (the second best round of his career), Ethan Lukey added a 39, and Tanner Voisard tied his personal-best with a 40.    

12. League Match vs. Botkins                                                      Team Score = 172      Season Record = 8 - 4

   The Varsity Golf Team fell to Botkins on Thursday in a match at Shelby Oaks.  Ethan Lukey was medalist for the entire match with a 37. 

11. League Match vs. Fort Loramie                                             Team Score = 166      Season Record = 8 - 3

   The Varsity Golf Team narrowly fell to Fort Loramie in an away match held at Arrowhead GC.  Our 166 is one of the lowest "away-match" scores in school history and was just 4 shots short of beating Fort Loramie at their home course.  Ethan Funk led the team with a 39, and Ethan Lukey continued his solid league season with a 40.  

10. League Match vs. Anna                                                           Team Score = 173      Season Record = 8 - 2

    The Varsity Golf Team fell to Anna on Tuesday night with a team score of 173.  Ethan Lukey led the team with a 37, Parker Herrick had a 44, Tanner Voisard added a 45, Ethan Funk had a 47 and Gabe Stangel fired a 49 (his second best varsity round of the year).  Gabe has worked extremely hard on his game in the past two weeks and his scores continue to improve.  He will be a varsity member to watch the rest of this year, and will certainly make an impact during the next two golf seasons.  

9. League Match vs. Jackson Center                                                        Team Score = 172      Season Record = 8 - 1


  The Varsity Golf Team improved to 8-1 on the season with a league match win over Jackson Center.  The match took place over two days, due to a rainout after 6 holes on Thursday.  Ethan Lukey led the team with a 39, and Ethan Funk added a smooth 41.   

8. League Match vs. Russia                                                                       Team Score = 172      Season Record = 7 - 1

   The Varsity Golf Team played well, but fell to Russia on Tuesday at Stillwater Golf Club.  Our team score of 172 was just 4 strokes above our season average (a difficult feat on a non-home golf course) and marks a nearly 20 stroke improvement from our match at Stillwater GC two years ago.  Ethan Lukey continued his strong play with a 39, with Ethan Funk and Tanner Voisard adding 44's.   Parker Herrick had a few unlucky breaks on his way to a 45, Tanner Cooper added a season-best 46, and Reagan Steiner made two birdies on his way to a personal-best 47.  

7. Shelby Oaks Cup (Ryder Cup Style) vs. Jackson Center                            Team Score = 159      Season Record = 7 - 0

                                                                                                      New School Record!!! 

 The Varsity Golf Team improved a 7-0 on the season with a school record 9-hole team score of 159!  Ethan Lukey was medalist with a 38, Ethan Funk shot 39, Tanner Voisard had a personal best 40, and Parker Herrick had a smooth 42!

6. Tri-Match vs. New Knoxville & Jackson Center                                        Team Score = 166      Season Record = 6 - 0

                                     Ethan Lukey breaks the Houston High School record 9-hole score by two strokes with a 34!

  The Varsity Golf Team improved to 6-0 on the season with non-league wins over New Knoxville (222 team score), and Jackson Center (169 team score) on Friday.  Parker Herrick, Ethan Funk and Tanner Voisard each added 44's to go along with Ethan Lukey's school record 34.  

5. SCAL League Match vs. Fairlawn                                                         Team Score = 169      Season Record = 4 - 0

    The Varsity Golf Team improved to 4 - 0 on the season with a league win over Fairlawn on Thursday (169 - 183).  Ethan Lukey led the team with a 39, Tanner Voisard fired a season-best 41, Ethan Funk had a 43, and Parker Herrick added a 46.

4. Match vs. Jackson Center                                                                  Team Score = 168      Season Record = 3 - 0


              The Varsity Golf Team improved to 3 - 0 on the season with a non-league win over Jackson Center on Tuesday morning (168 - 177).  Ethan Lukey led the team with a 39, Ethan Funk had a 42, Parker Herrick added a 43, Tanner Voisard shot 44, Tanner Cooper had a smooth 46 and Reagan Steiner added a 51.  

3. Tri-Match vs. Fairlawn & Riverside                                           Team Score = 166       Season Record = 2 - 0

   The Varsity Golf Team started off the regular season with two wins over Fairlawn and Riverside in a 9-hole match at Shelby Oaks on Thursday.  Our team score of 166 was just three strokes from the school record, and was 18 strokes better than Fairlawn (184) and 16 strokes better than Riverside (182).  Parker Herrick nearly tied the 9-hole individual school record with a 37, Ethan Lukey continued his very strong play with a 39, and Tanner Voisard continued his successful freshman year with a smooth 42.  

   This 9-hole team score of 166 equals the second lowest team score for Houston in the past 10 years.  

2.  Arrowhead Invitational Tournament                                         Team Score = 351

   Houston's Varisty Golf Team continued their strong early play with a 351 team score at Arrowhead on Tuesday.  Ethan Lukey led the team with a 79, Tanner Voisard fired a personal best 86, and Parker Herrick added a solid 89. 

Teams we beat: Sidney (370), National Trail (372), Jackson Center (373), Fairlawn (390), Milton Union (393), Covington (416)

1.  SCAL Preview Tournament                                                                  Team Score = 340   (New 18-Hole School Record)

     The Houston Varsity Golf Team started out the season with a 18-hole record setting team score of 340  (347 was the previous school record).    Ethan Lukey fired a personal best 75, Ethan Funk had a 82, Parker Herrick added a 86, and Gabe Stangel capped off our team score with a 97.  Tanner Cooper and Tanner Voisard each played well with a 99 & 104 respectively (both will contribute often this year).