Houston High School Golf

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17. District Golf Tournament                                                                                                                          Team Score = 361

                                                                                                                                 Best District Finish & Best District Team Score in School History

   The varsity team capped off our best season yet, with a 7th place finish at the OHSAA Southwest District Tournament on Monday.  Leading the team was Parker Herrick with a personal best 79.  This round of 79 equaled the lowest individual score from any golfer in the SCAL, and put Parker one stroke away from qualifying for the state tournament.  Parker really ended his high school career on a high note.  

   Ethan Lukey had an 87, Tanner Voisard had a 93 and Reagan Steiner added a valuable 103.  

  Teams We Beat:  Newton (363), Summit Country Day School (368), Arcanum (376), Jackson Center (381), Covington (384).

16.  Sectional Golf Tournament                                                                                                                            Team Score = 350  

                                                                                                                                                                     3rd Place District Qualifiers!

                                                                                                                                                      ****2nd Trip to Districts in School History****

   The varsity team battled the cold, wind and rain on Tuesday to earn their 2nd District Tournament Berth in school history.  Leading the team was Parker Herrick with a 82.  Tanner Voisard was a huge part of our team's success, firing a personal-best 9 hole score of 37 on his first round.  Reagan Steiner added a smooth 97.  Ethan Lukey battled hard the entire day, and helped his team secure a 3rd place finish.  

Teams we beat:  Jackson Center (356), Botkins (359), Troy Christian (361), Lehman (364), Anna (368), Fairlawn (375), Riverside (390), West Liberty (400), Triad (422), Cedarville (477), Calvary Christian (DNF). 

15. Match vs. Botkins                                                                                                                    Team Score = 169   Team Record = 12-2

    The varsity team improved to 12 - 2 on the season with a tight victory over Botkins on Monday.  Ethan Lukey fired a 35, which is the second lowest 9-hole round in school history (Ethan also owns the school record of 34).  Reagan Steiner fired his second best 9-hole round of the year with a 44.  At the end of the match, Botkins and Houston tied with a 169  (top-4 scores).  The tie-breaker in golf is the 5th best score on your team.  Luke Crim was our 5th best score, and his 48 was TEN shots better than the 5th best score from Botkins. 

14. Match vs. St. Henry (6 vs. 6)                                                                  3 Wins, 2 Losses & 1 Tie (Overall Win)   Team Record = 11-2

   The varsity team defeated St. Henry in a cold away-match at Mercer County Elks GC.  Parker Herrick, Tanner Voisard and Gabe Stangel all won their matches.  Luke Crim won his last hole of the night to secure a tie, and the overall win for the team!  

13. Non-League Match vs. Jackson Center (6 vs. 6).                                3 Wins, 2 Losses & 1 Tie (Overall Win)   Team Record = 10-2

    The varsity team defeated Jackson Center on Friday in a 6 vs 6 matchplay round.  Ethan Lukey, Parker Herrick and Gabe Stangel all won their individual matches, with Gabe Stangel firing a personal-best 44.  Our team retains the traveling trophy from this event for the third year in a row.  I will post our winning picture later this week. 

12.  SCAL Finals Tournament                                                                                                                         Team Score = 344

                                                                                                                                              Lowest SCAL Tournament Score in School History

                                                                                                                                                     First Top-3 SCAL Finish in Over 27 Years

     The varsity team capped off the SCAL season with a 344 team score at Shelby Oaks on Thursday.  This 344 is the fourth lowest 18-hole score in school history, is our lowest SCAL Tournament score in school history, and maintained our position as Top-3 in the SCAL.  This is the first Top-3 finish in recent school history for our golfers, and our golfers were just a few strokes away from a tie for second place.  Ethan Lukey led the team with an 80.  Tanner Voisard continued his strong season with an 84.  Parker Herrick had an 85.  Reagan Steiner fired a personal-best 95, and Gabe Stangel finished strong with a 96. 

2022 ALL-SCAL Honors

     Ethan Lukey earned First Team All-SCAL Honors (4th Place Overall in the SCAL)

     Parker Herrick earned Third Team All-SCAL (13th Place Overall in the SCAL)

     Tanner Voisard earned Third Team All-SCAL (17th Place Overall in the SCAL)

***My records/ results of past SCAL Championships extend back to 1995. In that 27 year timeframe, Houston High School has not placed in the Top-3 until this year! 

11. Tri-Match vs. Anna & Indian Lake                                                                                                       Team Score = 172  Team Record = 9-2

    The varsity team improved to 9-2 on the season with wins over Anna & Indian Lake on Monday.  Leading the team was Tanner Voisard with a personal-best tying 39.  Ethan Luke had a 42 and Parker Herrick added a 43.  

10.  Fairlawn Non-League Match                                                                                                              Team Score = 169  Team Record = 7-2

  The varsity team continued their solid play in a non-league match win over Fairlawn on Friday.  Leading the team was Ethan Lukey with a 39, Parker Herrick continued his solid play with a 41, Luke Crim had a 44, Reagan Steiner had a 45 and Tanner Voisard added a 46.  Tonight was one of the most solid rounds we have played as a team.  With continued effort, the varsity team will continue to enjoy the rest of the season. 

9. SCAL Match vs. Jackson Center                                                                                                          Team Score = 169  Team Record = 6-2

  The varsity team battled a hot team last night in Jackson Center and came away with a well-earned final SCAL win (169 to 178).  Leading the team was Ethan Lukey with a 36 (ties again for the second lowest 9-hole round in school history).  Tanner Voisard fired a personal-best 39.

8. SCAL Match vs. Fort Loramie                                                                                                               Team Score = 166  Team Record = 5-2 

  The varsity team fired their lowest 9-hole round of the season in a league match against Fort Loramie on Tuesday.  Fort Loramie is likely at top-12 team in the state this year, and we very nearly beat them last night.  Leading the team was Ethan Lukey with a 36 (ties for the 2nd lowest 9-hole score in school history).  Parker Herrick added a season-best 39.  Tanner Voisard had a 43 and Reagan Steiner added a hard-fought 48.  Reagan continues to be easily the most improved this season.  He saved the team in our league match against Anna earlier this year, and has been an huge benefit each night to the team.  Without Reagan, our team record would be significantly worse this year.  

  The team will be back in action on Thursday against Jackson Center (an extremely hungry team that cannot be overlooked).  

7. SCAL Match vs. Botkins                                                                                                                        Team Score = 167  Team Record = 5-1

  The varsity team defeated Botkins by 12 strokes in our fourth SCAL match of the year (167-179).  Our team score of 167 is our best of the year.  Ethan Lukey fired a 39 and Parker Herrick fired a 40.  Reagan Steiner continued his stellar season with a smooth 44.  Tanner Voisard made one of the most impressive comebacks of the year after a difficult start, finishing his last six holes in just +2.  Luke Beaver added a 51.  

6.  SCAL Match vs. Anna                                                                                                                           Team Score = 179  Team Record = 4-1

   Our varsity team defeated Anna 179-182 in our third SCAL match of the year.  Conditions were difficult in heavy wind, and the team stayed patient on a difficult night.  

5. Tri-Match vs. Jackson Center & Waynesfield-Goshen                                                                       Team Score = 168  Team Record = 3-1

   The varsity team fired a season-best team score of 168 on Monday in a win over Jackson Center (182) and W-G (205).  Ethan Lukey had a 40, Parker Herrick and Tanner Voisard each had 42, and Reagan Steiner fired a personal-best 44.  Gabe Stangel added a solid 49 to round out the top 5. 

4. SCAL Match vs. Russia                                                                                                                         Team Score = 180  Team Record = 1-1

   Our varsity battled tough in an away-match against Russia on Thursday.  The back-nine holes at Stillwater Golf Club is a par 37 and is about 2 strokes more difficult than our home course of Shelby Oaks.  Our team score of 180 seams higher than average this year, but is equivalent to a 172 at Shelby Oaks (based on difficulty).  Our 180 puts us in good shape heading into a long stretch of home matches!

3.  SCAL Match vs. Fairlawn                                                                                                                      Team Score = 178    Team Record 1-0


   Our varsity team started their regular season off with a league win (178 to 186) against Fairlawn.  The win moves the team to 1-0 on the season.  Leading the team was Ethan Lukey (Jr.) with a 37.  Parker Herrick (Sr.) and Tanner Voisard (So.) added 46's, Luke Crim (Fr.), Gabe Stangel (Jr.), Reagan Steiner (So.) and Ethan Dinehart (Jr.) each fired a 49.  This is the first time that I can ever remember having seven team members shoot below 50 in the same match. 

2.  Fort Loramie Invitational                                                                                                                                            Team Score = 343 

                                                                                                                                                          Lowest "Away" 18-Hole Team Score in School History

      Our varsity golf team continued their strong start with a team score of 343 at the Fort Loramie Invitational held at Arrowhead Golf Course.  Conditions were difficult, with rain throughout much of the tournament.  Ethan Lukey led the team with a 82, Tanner Voisard added an solid 84, Parker Herrick had a smooth 85, Luke Crim fired a personal best 92, Gabe Stangel had a 94 (nearly another personal best), and Reagan Steiner added a steady 103.   Our team score of 343 is the lowest 18-hole team score in school history on an "away" course (a course other than our home course of Shelby Oaks GC).  This 343 was enough for 3rd overall amongst D-III schools, and was even strong enough to beat three large D-I schools (Beavercreek, St. Marys and Sidney).  

Teams we beat:    National Trail (355), Beavercreek (362), Covington (363), Botkins (363), St. Marys (363), Sidney (368), Versailles (369), Jackson Center (371), Anna (375), Fairlawn (386), and Milton Union (400)

1. SCAL Preview Tournament                                                                                                                                        Team Score = 345   

                                                                                                                                                                    3rd Lowest 18-Hole Score in School History 

      Our varsity golf team started they year off with 3rd place finish at the SCAL Preview Tournament.  Ethan Lukey led the team with a 79 (4th Place Overall), Parker Herrick added an 85, Tanner Voisard had an 88, Gabe Stangel had a personal best 93, and Reagan Steiner added a personal best 97!

Teams we beat:    Botkins (349), Jackson Center (351), Anna (357), Fairlawn (390)