Houston High School Golf

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2023 Hardin-Houston Junior Golf Clinic

All proceeds go to fund the Houston High School Golf Team

No experience or golf clubs needed to participate!  

Instruction provided by Coach (Mr.) Fridley.

This clinic will help students of all experience levels learn the fundamentals of golf, while having fun and experiencing the proper way to use golf practice facilities.  The hope is that students enjoy themselves, learn a new skill, and begin to think about joining the Houston Golf Team in the future. 

All students will receive experienced instruction in a safe environment.  A $30 total entry fee grants admission to both clinic sessions.  Scheduling conflicts happen for families during the summer, and students can still join the clinic for 1 day (total fee is still $30 for students missing a session).  

When?                            June 6th & 13th (Tuesday Mornings) from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Where?                          Shelby Oaks Golf Club

                                         9900 Sidney-Freyburg Road, Sidney, Ohio 45365

Who?                             Current 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade students (2022-2023 school year)

                                        (Hardin-Houston Students Only)

How much?                   Fee of $30 total (includes free H-H Golf T-shirt and two days of golf instruction)

                                                ($30 in cash or a $30 check made out to Houston High School Golf Fund)

How do I sign up?         Fill out the attached sheet and return with cash or check to  

                                         your student’s homeroom teacher, the school office, or Coach Fridley.  

                                         Entry forms are due May 5th. 

                          Entry forms must include payment in order to reserve a clinic spot.

Common Questions:

Does my student need to own golf clubs?

NO! Golf clubs will be provided to all students to use during the clinic.  Students do not need to own golf clubs to participate.  This clinic aims to introduce students to the game of golf, so no equipment is needed.  We do ask that students wear comfortable tennis shoes on the day of the clinic, as boots/sandals/baseball cleats can cause injury during the golf swing.   That being said, students are free to bring their own clubs!  

  1. What will happen if it is raining or storming?

Every effort will be made to hold each clinic session as scheduled.  In the case that weather does not allow a clinic to be held safely, families will be notified by a notice posted on the Shelby Oaks Golf Club Website (shelbyoaks.com) and on the Houston High School Golf Team Website (wildcatsgolf.com).  No refunds will be given, as clinics will be promptly rescheduled.

  1. Do students need to attend both clinic sessions?

Both clinic days will cover different aspects of the golf game, so students will learn more by attending both sessions.  However, everyone has a busy schedule during the summer and it is completely understandable if a student cannot attend a clinic session.  Clinic prices are the same for students attending 1 or 2 days ($30 total pays for all the clinic sessions students can attend).  Discounts for missed sessions will not be given, as funds from this clinic go directly to support our Houston High School Golf Team. 

  1.  Where do I take my son/daughter on the day of the clinic?

Both clinic sessions will be held at Shelby Oaks Golf Club in Sidney.  Families need to sign-in students at a registration table setup on the front patio of the golf course.  After signing your son/daughter into the clinic, we will instruct students where to gather until the clinic starts at 8:30 a.m.  Students will be closely monitored throughout the clinic.   Our clinic will wrap up at 9:30 a.m. and students can be signed out at that time.  Due to safety concerns, we ask all families to park their car in the lot and walk up to the patio to sign students out instead of having students released to vans or cars.   

Hardin-Houston Junior Golf Clinic Entry Form

By submitting this completed form to Mr. Fridley, you (the parent/ guardian) provide permission for your child to participate in the Hardin-Houston Junior Golf Clinic held at Shelby Oaks Golf Club on June 6th and 13th.  You also agree to provide private transportation to and from Shelby Oaks Golf Club for your child and will sign-in your student at the start of each session (slightly before 8:30 a.m.) and will sign-out your student at the end of each session (around 9:30 a.m.).

Student Information:

Name _______________________       Grade Level _____     Homeroom Teacher __________________

Student’s Current Shirt Size (circle one):

                           Youth Sizes (Y)                                                                                                Adult Sizes

Y X-Small     Y Small     Y Medium    Y Large    Y X-Large                                S        M       L       XL     2XL    3XL     4XL

 Student Dexterity for Golf Clubs (circle one):      Left handed     or    Right handed

 Will your student bring his/her own golf clubs (circle one):     Yes     or     No

Parent/ Guardian Information

Name(s) _____________________________           

Permission to Participate Signature _______________________

Phone Number(s) ________________________________________________________

Email Address ____________________________________________

Payment Information:

 Enclosed is (circle one):       $30 cash       or       $30 check made out to Houston High School Golf Fund 

          ***All clinic reservations must include payment when submitting this form.  

Thank you for your support of the Houston High School Golf Team.