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2020 JV Results

Girls' Sectional Tournament

     Jillian Parsley (sophomore) participated in her first sectional tournament on Wednesday and placed 27th out of 79 golfers.  Great work this season, Jillian!!!  I watched a lot of groups play during sectionals, and Jillian hit her driver & irons as well as any golfer in the tournament.  It should be a very fun next two years!

5. Shelby Oaks JV Match                                                                                   Team Score = 223  Record 9-6

    Our JV team had another solid 223 last Friday in our final Friday night JV match!  Thank you for all of your effort this season and for playing on the team this year!

4.  Match Vs. Lehman                                                                                        Team Score = 235 (white tees)    Record: 7-4  

    Our JV team pulled off a rare feat on Tuesday, by beating Lehman's varsity golf team from the white tees at Shelby Oaks (235 -244 WIN).  JV teams typically play from the yellow tees, but both teams decided to play from the white tees, since we were facing a varsity team with our JV team.  Jillian Parsley led the team with a solid 54.  

3.  Shelby Oaks JV Match                                                                                  Team Score = 222    Record: 6-4  

   Our JV resumed play last Friday with a solid 222.  Jillian Parsley led the team with a 52 from the yellow tees!  Anna held a varsity/JV practice during the match.  Jackson Center & Lehman each failed to post 4 scores and finished "No Score".  The JV team moved to 6-4 on the season. 

2.  Shelby Oaks JV Match                                                                                  Team Score = 221    Record: 4-2                       

   After a rain-out last week, our JV scored a 221 Friday night at Shelby Oaks.  Botkins finished first, Fairlawn finished second & Houston finished third.  Anna, Jackson Center & Lehman all failed to post 4 scores and finished "No Score". The JV team moves to 4 - 2 on the season.

  Liam McKee played with the varsity team this week, and was not included in this JV match.  Jillian Parsley was our medalist with a 52, Jacob Leist added a solid 53, Gabe Stangel had a 55 & Austin Shutz had a 61. 

1.  JV Match VS. Fairlawn                                                                                    Team Score = 212   Record: 1-0                                    

   The Houston JV Team started their season with a 212-214 WIN over Fairlawn.  Leading our team was Liam McKee with a solid 47 & Jillian Parsley with a career-best 50!

 A HUGE thanks to Fairlawn for being gracious enough to host this JV match after another team made a late cancelation. 

JV Roster
Liam McKee
Jacob Leist
Jillian Parsley
Gabe Stangel
Carter Ingle
Gabe Derschem
Jaxon Douglas
Austin Shutz