Houston High School Golf

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2020 Varsity Results

20. District Tournament (Post-Season Tournament)                   Ethan Lukey = 26th place (91)  

    Ethan Lukey represented Houston as an individual golfer at the Southwest Ohio District Tournament on Thursday, Sept. 8th.  His hard-fought 91 was good enough for 26th place (out of 72 participants).

19.  Sectional Tournament (Post-Season Tournament)                                                      Team Score = 367 

   The varsity team shot a 367 on Tuesday in our sectional tournament held at Shelby Oaks.  Ethan Lukey became the third golfer in our school history to qualify for districts with his 3rd place individual score of 83.  Cody Selanders fired a career-best 91 and was just 6 strokes away from joining Ethan at districts.  Collin Walker had a 96, Parker Herrick had a 97 & Ethan Funk had a 98.  

   In preparation for Ethan's district tournament entry next Thursday, the varsity team has added a match on Friday, Sept. 2nd (Fairlawn, Anna & Houston tri-match).  

18.  Match vs. St. Henry                                                                                      Team Score = 166   Season Record 11 - 5

On Tuesday, the varsity team almost tied the school record again with a 166 team score against St. Henry (a likely state qualifying team).  Our boys tied St. Henry in a match-play style round, with each team earning two wins & two ties (3-3 tie).  Due to time constraints, a typical playoff was not possible and St. Henry technically earns the "win" with a scorecard tie-breaker.  

Ethan Lukey led the team with a 40 (one off his personal best), Cody Selanders fired a personal-best 41, Parker Herrick had a 42 (his second great round in a row), Collin Walker had a 43, and Tanner Cooper had a personal-best 46 (including winning his last 3 of 4 holes to secure the tie for the team).   This team score of 166 is our second best of the season and is just 4 strokes from breaking the school record. 

17.  Match vs. Fort Recovery                                                                                Team Score = 179   Season Record 11 - 4

    On Tuesday, the varsity team defeated Fort Recovery in a 9-hole match hosted at Shelby Oaks (179 - 185 WIN).  Parker Herrick led the team with a near personal-best 40.  With the win, the varsity team improves to 11 - 4 on the season.  

16. SCAL Tournament                                                                                           Team Score = 378  

     On Thursday, the varsity team battled through a difficult round.  Our guys didn't have their best stuff, but none of them quit on their round.  I know it was not the scores they hoped for, but our varsity team battled for every shot.  Collin Walker, Ethan Funk & Ethan Lukey each had 92's.  Cody Selanders & Tanner Cooper each had 102. 

15.  Shelby Oaks Cup Match vs. Jackson Center                                               Team Score = 176 (9-hole)  Season Record 10 - 4

    On Monday, our varsity team claimed the Shelby Oaks Cup in a matchplay win over Jackson Center (3.5 - 2.5 WIN).  Ethan Funk, Parker Herrick & Tanner Cooper each won their individual matches.  Cody Selanders sealed the match with a huge tie with Jackson Center's #1 golfer.  

14.  Match vs. Lehman                                                                                        Team Score = 179 (9-hole)  Season Record 9 - 4

   On Thursday, our varsity team improved to 9-4 with a win over Lehman.  Ethan Lukey shot a 42, Collin Walker & Ethan Funk each had 44's, and Cody Selanders added a 49.  

   The boys return to action on Monday to play against Jackson Center in the Shelby Oaks Cup event.  This event will consist of six individual match-play matches, with the winner taking home the Shelby Oaks Cup!  

13.  League Match vs. Fort Loramie                                                                 Team Score = 174 (9-hole)  Season Record 8 - 4

   Our varsity team shot their third-best round of the year in very difficult conditions at Shelby Oaks (5 inches of rain the night before).  The extremely tight match ended with a narrow 172-174 loss to Fort Loramie.  Collin Walker led the team with a 42, Ethan Lukey had a 43, Cody Selanders had a 44, and Ethan Funk added a 45.  Parker Herrick and Tanner Cooper each had 49's.  

    I want to highlight the fact that our team has shot our three best rounds of the year against our three toughest opponents (Anna, Botkins & Fort Loramie). 

12.  League Match vs. Botkins                                                                           Team Score = 171 (9-hole)  Season Record 8 - 3

     Our varsity team shot their second-best round of the year in a very narrow loss to Botkins on Thursday (171-164 loss).  Collin Walker, Ethan Funk & Ethan Lukey each fired 42's.  Cody Selanders had a 45, and Parker Herrick had a 46. 

     I couldn't have been any prouder of the class and effort we displayed during this match.  Our boys make Houston High School look great each and every night.  

11.  League Match vs. Anna                                                                              Team Score = 163 (9-hole)   Season Record 8 - 2


    Our varsity team shot a school-record matching 163 in a win over Anna (163 - 166 WIN) in a league match on Tuesday.  Ethan Lukey & Parker Herrick each fired 39's (a personal best for each).  Ethan Funk added a smooth 41, Collin Walker had a 44, Cody Selanders added a 46 & Tanner Cooper bounced back with a 47.  

10.  Non- League Match vs. Jackson Center                                                  Team Score = 176 (9-hole)   Season Record 7 - 2

    Our varsity team earned improved to 7 - 2 on the season with a large 14 stroke margin of victory over Jackson Center on Monday (176 - 190 WIN). Ethan Lukey led the team with a 41, Collin Walker had a smooth 42 & Ethan Funk had a 43 (including a near hole-in-one on 7 West).  

9.  League Match vs. Jackson Center                                                             Team Score = 176 (9-hole)    Season Record 6 - 2

    Our varsity golf team defeated Jackson Center in our official league match on Thursday night with a 176 - 184 WIN.  Ethan Lukey had a 41, Collin Walker shot a smooth 44, Cody Selanders had a near-personal best 45 & Ethan Funk had two birdies and a really unlucky lost-ball for a 46.  

    The varsity team will be back in action against Jackson Center again on Monday, in a non-league match.  

8.  League Match vs. Russia                                                                           Team Score = 174 (9-hole)      Season Record 5 - 2

    Our varsity team fired the lowest team score of the year Tuesday in a league match against Russia (174 - 178 WIN).  Collin Walker birdied his last hole to seal the match with a 41.  Ethan Lukey & Parker Herrick had 44's, and Ethan Funk added a 45.  This is the third season-best round in a row for our boys.  

7.  Non-League Match vs. Fairlawn                                                                Team Score = 176 (9-hole)       Season Record 4 - 2

   Our varsity team fired the lowest team score of the year on Monday in a non-league match against Fairlawn (176-165 loss).  Leading the team was Ethan Funk with a solid 43.  Collin Walker & Ethan Lukey each had smooth 44's. Cody Selanders added a 45, and Parker Herrick/Tanner Cooper each shot 47 (a personal best for Tanner Cooper).  This is the first round of the year we have had 6 rounds in the 40's.  

6.  Match vs. New Knoxville                                                                            Team Score = 177 (9-hole)          Season Record 4 - 1

    Our varsity team improved to 4-1 on the season with a 177-195 WIN over New Knoxville in a 9-hole match at Shelby Oaks.  Ethan Lukey fired a personal-best 40 (his third personal-best round in a row).  Collin Walker showed loads of heart with his 42 (started 4 over after two holes & battled hard).  

   This team score of 177 is our lowest team score in recent history!  

5.  League Match vs. Fairlawn                                                                        Team Score = 181 (9-hole)          Season Record: 3 - 1 

     Our varsity team improved to 3-1 on the season with a 181 - 182 WIN over Fairlawn in a 9-hole league match at Shelby Oaks.  Ethan Lukey fired a career best 41, Collin Walker battled back from a rough hole to shoot a 45, and Ethan Funk overcame a very unlucky hole to shoot 47.  Cody Selanders and Parker Herrick each added valuable 48's.    

     Despite not shooting their best scores of the season, Collin Walker & Ethan Funk showed a lot of guts.  Tons of high school kids give up on golf rounds when things aren't going their way.  Both of these guys battled for every single shot, and we ended up needing every putt they made.   

4.    Lehman                                                                                                     Team Score = 181 (9-hole)           Season Record:  2 - 1

     Our varsity team improved to 2-1 on the season with a 181 - 219 WIN over Lehman in a 9-hole match at Shelby Oaks.  Ethan Funk led the team with a 41 & Ethan Lukey added a personal-best 42!  Our team fired 5 rounds in the 40's for our lowest 9-hole score of the year.

3.    Tri-Match vs. JC & Riverside                                                                   Team Score = 186 (9-hole)           Season Record:  1 - 1

   Cody Selanders led our team with a career-best 43 & Parker Herrick tied his personal best 9-hole score with a 46!  Our varsity team started the season 1-1 with a win and a loss during a non-league match at Shelby Oaks.  Jackson Center shot a season best 181 & Riverside had a 195.  We will face Jackson Center again in a few weeks in our official league match.  

Teams We Beat:  Riverside (195)

2. New Bremen Invitational Tournament (Arrowhead GC)                                         Team Score = 367 (lowest Arrowhead Team Score in 6 years)

    Collin Walker continued his ultra-consistent play with a smooth 86.  Ethan Lukey added a solid 89.  Ethan Funk battled hard for a 91 & Parker Herrick/ Cody Selanders each had a 101.  

Teams We Beat:  Jackson Center (370), New Bremen (432), New Knoxville (411)  

1. SCAL Preview Tournament                                                                                  Team Score = 348 (1 stroke from the school record)

   Ethan Funk, Collin Walker, Ethan Lukey & Parker Herrick each shot their own personal best 18-hole scores.  Ethan Funk fired a 43 & 37 for a total of 80.  Collin Walker & Ethan Lukey each shot stress-free 86's & Parker Herrick added a 96.  Ethan Funk's 37 was one stroke higher than the 9-hole school record of 36.  

   Teams we beat:  Fairlawn (352), Russia (352) & Jackson Center (367).