Houston High School Golf

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Note:  Please contact me if you need an earlier time for your pictures on July 31st due to the Shelby County Fair.  

I will let Mr. Knouff know when you contact me!

Team Picture Day                       TIME CHANGE!!!

July 31st (Saturday)         New time =  7:45 am    @ Houston High School Gym

***Wear team issued red shirt, tan/khaki shorts & team issue white hat  (pickup your team hat & shirt during our last team practice).  If you cannot make it to our final team summer practice, text or email me and I will meet you at Shelby Oaks to give you our uniform.  I have also distributed picture forms to all golfers attending open golf.  If you have not received one, you can contact me for a picture form!

Team Headlines:

Congratulations to Parker Herrick (80), Ethan Lukey (81) and Tanner Voisard (85) on their solid rounds during the Bob Fridley Golf Tournament at Shelby Oaks!  

Congratulations to Parker Herrick (Jr.) on his top-half finish in the summer LJGA Tournament at Colonial!

Congratulations to Ethan Lukey (So.) on his 1st Place finish in the Shelby Oaks 3rd-Flight Club Championship!

Congratulations to Tanner Voisard (Fr.) for his 7th place finish in his first summer LJGA Tournament of the summer season!

Kroger Fundraiser

(No cost to you!)

A Program on the Rise!

2016 Team Stroke Average = 209

2017 Team Stroke Average = 198

2018 Team Stroke Average = 189

2019 Team Stroke Average = 186

2020 Stroke Average = 176

Houston Golf School Records

Individual 9-Hole Record = 36 (Rusty Sidle & Mike Heffner)

Individual 18-Hole Record = 74 (Rusty Sidle)

Team 9-Hole Record = 163 (1985 & 2020)

Team 18-Hole Record = 347